HP 10 Black Compatible Ink Cartridge (C4844A)

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SKU A-H-10-Bk

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We offer a 1-year guarantee on all our products, guaranteeing that they are free from defect and work in the printers promised.
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HP 10 Black Compatible Ink Cartridge (C4844A)

Compatible Printers

  • HP 2000c/2000cxi Printer (C4530B)
  • HP 2000cn Printer (C5901A)
  • HP 2000cn Printer (C5901B)
  • HP 2500c Printer (C2684B)
  • HP 2500cm Printer (C2685A)
  • HP 2500cm Printer (C2685B)
  • HP Business Inkjet 1000 Printer (C8179A)
  • HP Business Inkjet 1100dtn Printer (C8135A)
  • HP Business Inkjet 1200d Printer (C8154A)
  • HP Business Inkjet 1200dtn Printer (C8155A)
  • HP Business Inkjet 2300 Printer (C8125A)
  • HP Business Inkjet 2300dtn Printer (C8127A)
  • HP Business Inkjet 2300n Printer (C8126A)
  • HP Business Inkjet 2600 Printer (C8109A)
  • HP Business Inkjet 2600dn Printer (C8110A)
  • HP Business Inkjet 2800 Printer (C8174A)
  • HP Business Inkjet 2800dt Printer (C8163A)
  • HP Business Inkjet 2800dtn Printer (C8164A)
  • HP DesignJet 100plus Printer (C7796C)
  • HP DesignJet 500 Plus 24-in Roll Printer (C7769F)
  • HP DesignJet 500 Plus 42-in Roll Printer (C7770F)
  • HP DesignJet 500ps Plus 24-in Printer (C7769G)
  • HP DesignJet 500ps Plus 42-in Printer (C7770G)
  • HP Designjet 100 Printer (C7796A)
  • HP Designjet 500 42-in Roll Printer (C7770B)
  • HP Designjet 800 (42-inch) Printer (C7780B)
  • HP Designjet 800 Printer (24 in) (C7779B)
  • HP Designjet 800ps Printer (24 in) (C7779C)
  • HP Designjet 800ps Printer (42 in) (C7780C)
  • HP Designjet 815 MFP (Q1279A)
  • HP Designjet 820 MFP (Q6685A)
  • HP Designjet Colorpro CAD Printer (C7777A)
  • HP Designjet Colorpro GA Printer (C7778A)
  • HP Designjet Copier cc800ps (Q1262A)
  • HP Officejet 9110 All-in-One Printer (C8140A)
  • HP Officejet 9120 All-in-One Printer (C8143A)
  • HP Officejet 9130 All-in-One Printer (C8144A)
  • HP Officejet Pro K850 Color Printer (C8177A)
  • HP Officejet Pro K850dn Color Printer (C8178A)

Can I trust generic cartridges?

Of course not all generics are the same, and this is why we spent a good amount of time and money testing different brands before settling for the ones that we supply today. Our compatible/generic cartridges are tested to the highest standards to give you high quality prints and print yields that you have grown to expect from original cartridges.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our range of generic ink cartridges and toners include our standard 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30 day refund for unopened items.

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