HP 131 Black Remanufactured Ink Cartridge (C8765HE)

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SKU A-H-131-Bk

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HP 131 Black Remanufactured Ink Cartridge (C8765HE)

The HP 131 Black Ink Cartridge has a Print Yield of ~480 pages at 5% page coverage.

    Compatible Printers

    • HP Officejet 100 Mobile Printer(CN551A)
    • HP Officejet H470 Mobile Printer(CB026A)
    • HP Officejet H470b Mobile Printer(CB027A)
    • HP Officejet H470wbt Mobile Printer(CB028A)
    • HP Photosmart C3183 All-in-One Printer(Q8160C)
    • HP Photosmart Pro B8353 Printer(Q8492C)
    • HP 132 Black Original Ink Cartridge(C9362HE)
    • HP Deskjet 460c Mobile Printer(C8150A)
    • HP Deskjet 460cb Mobile Printer(C8151A)
    • HP Deskjet 460wbt Mobile Printer(C8153A)
    • HP Deskjet 5743 Color Inkjet Printer(C9016C)
    • HP Deskjet 6543 Color Inkjet Printer(C8963C)
    • HP Deskjet 6623 Color Inkjet Printer(C9034C)
    • HP Deskjet 6843 Color Inkjet Printer(C9031C)
    • HP Deskjet 9803 Printer(C8165C)
    • HP Deskjet 9803d Printer(C8166C)
    • HP Officejet 6213 All-in-One Printer(Q5801C)
    • HP Officejet 7213 All-in-One Printer(Q5560C)
    • HP Officejet 7310xi All-in-One Printer(Q5563A)
    • HP Officejet 7313 All-in-One Printer(Q5571C)
    • HP Officejet 7410xi All-in-One Printer(Q5564A)
    • HP Officejet 7413 All-in-One Printer(Q5570C)
    • HP Officejet K7103 Printer(CB041C)
    • HP PSC 1613 All-in-One Printer(Q5594C)
    • HP PSC 2353 All-in-One Printer(Q5796C)
    • HP PSC 2355 All-in-One Printer(Q5789B)
    • HP PSC 2355v All-in-One Printer(Q5791A)
    • HP PSC 2410 Photosmart All-in-One Printer(Q3087A)
    • HP Photosmart 2573 All-in-One Printer,Scanner,Copier(Q7215C)
    • HP Photosmart 2613 All-in-One(Q5546C)
    • HP Photosmart 8150 Photo Printer(Q3399B)
    • HP Photosmart 8153 Photo Printer(Q3399C)
    • HP Photosmart 8453 Photo Printer(Q3388C)
    • HP Photosmart 8753 Professional Photo Printer(Q5747C)

    Can I trust generic cartridges?

    We spent a good amount of time testing different brands before settling for the ones that we supply today. Our compatible/generic cartridges are tested to the highest standards to give you high quality prints and print yields that you have grown to expect from original cartridges.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Our range of generic ink cartridges and toners include our standard 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30 day refund for unopened items.

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